Albatross'es' Funky Sprite Dumpsterfire for Cool People


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Albatross'es' Funky Sprite Dumpsterfire for Cool People
Hello I am. Albatross. I now lay claim to another art thread on this accursed site because I am greedy and all-powerful. So here are sprites. I am posting this thread 5 minutes before I have to leave for an appointment because I am a genius at time management and always make excellent choices :)

For now I'm just dumping them all because there are. so many. But in the future there will be Structure and Presentation and Coherence :)

These funkey fellaes were all made for a gen 8 Pet Mod called Branched Potential. I think I might have made more but bc of the passage of time I cannot verify, but I know these fellas I did (probably). This will become a running theme with my recolours.

And these Funkey Creatures were for the gen 8 version of Paleomons. Again, definitely made more, just not sure & don't want to take credit for stuff that isn't mine

I'm organising these roughly by the flag they represent :) Most of these were made by request for the Pridemons thread, but some of these were either made by myself, for myself or for friends x

Ok, so for the last.. idk, year and a half? I've been contributing sprites to the Kanto Expansion Pak. Originally just bc it was a Pet Mod and I volunteered to, but then the entire thing blew up into a rom hack which was. a ride and a half lol. Anyways here're the sprites I made for the project, I may be missing a few bc there are simply So Many, but did me best :)
(Worth noting that KEP uses a different grey palette to Yellow, so Pokemon that are in greyscale are just coloured to fit that x Also some of the colours are funky/not consistent with the official release's bc they were changed after discussion xx)
((Also worth noting that some of these underwent QC by other members of the team; credits will be listed below!))

Refined by either Martha’s Against Humanity or PvK: Annihilape, Arcanine-H, Bellossom, Carapthor, Gorillaimo, Kingdra, Magmortar, Magnezone, Ministare, Porygon2, Scream Tail, Squeamata, Tauros-P (all forms), Wugtrio
Edited by zuperZACH on Discord: Bellossom
From here

All sprited for the gen 8 mod Crystal: Sevii Islands :)

An alternate evolution for Eelektrik, whose name I can't remember! My first "modern" gen Pokemon sprite, made.. two years ago, maybe? A very long time ago lol

Two edits to existing Pokemon, both for Paleomons :)

Alternate Magcargo form! For old gen Pet Mod whose name I Cannot Remember but was based around a hypothetical Legends: Arceus version of Hoenn :)

Two (2) of them :) An alternative Swablu evolution and a Galarian form of Klefki, based off music boxes and mimics, both for a private project

A fakemon, designed by myself, for a different private project that was Secret Santa-themed

Wanted to try spriting a trainer for fun; just a funky Tiefling gal here. Had a lot of fun with it though! May try making some more of these in the future, who knows :)

A hedgehog sprite sheet, for a mod to Stardew Valley I made for my sister's birthday :)

Kaiju Bunny

♥・゚: * ̄(♡ㅅ♡❀) ̄
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whoa, a fantastic artist and also a terrific spriter?? Sorry, not allowed

(But seriously, I am obsessed and in love with the oldgens project and pet mods sprite dumps. Those are incredibly well done and look completely official, so huge props to you! Excited to see more c:)


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awesome sprites!
Unusual to see some older gen sprites but that makes them stand out. Besides, they are well done and look like they could be somewhat official too. Anyways, very nice work! Hope you keep it up <3


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Hello Gamers (positive) Thank You For Your Kind Words and Support and Other Such Kindnesses. It Is Much Appreciated. Unfortunately The Only Way I Can Communicate Is Through Comedy, So Although My Capitalised Gratitude May Seem Insincere, Please Know That Social Media Has An Incredible Amount Of Influence On My Mental Health. Which Also Happens To Be Precariously Balanced On A Razor's Edge.

Posting is Slow because I have Real Life Things of Consequence to do that prevent me from Making Arte

Anyways More (sprite) Arte

It's the giraffe cat from the modern game. you know the one. Remembered it existed during my Art Interview that you can observe here btw (woah)

So basically I was making sprite recolours for fun, like any normal person does, when suddenly an evil spirit took over my senses and made me fuck around with metal textures. And then I made Heatran made out of actual lava because I don't like its normal sprite. These are essentially just texture practice bc I don't have much practice with funky textures in pixel arte, as well as my sick and twisted and fucked up idea of "a little fun"
This is all I have for you today. Hope you enjoy bc if you don't I'll know


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wowzers. i was typing a thing about how i love what you did with heatran's back, it looks so textured, and then i saw the part of the message where you talk about what you did with heatran's back, and your goal of giving it texture. this makes sense. anyway i'll just say i really like it and it sells heatran's design/concept a lot harder for me, with that back looking all viscous and heterogenous like lava oughta imo.

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